Beautiful burgundy blooms

Burgundy flowers

Different types of flowers are available in different colours. Red and pink are two common colours but what about burgandy? This colour is extremely rich and it’s great to know that there are several types of flowers available in this colour.

Roses are undoubtedly the most popular of all florist flowers. They are available in several varietes and colours. The colour largely depends on the variety and, if you are looking for burgundy roses, you should ask your florist for garden roses or spray roses in this colour. They can be used as your focal flowers or as mass flowers in an arrangement.

Carnations are also available in several colours, just like roses, and their ruffled petals make them particularly lovely. They too are available in burgundy and are most often included in arrangements as mass flowers. They are perfect for creating some colour and texture contrasts in the bouquet. For example, you could add burgundy carnations to a bouquet of pink lilies and roses. The darker colour of the carnations will help your lighter-coloured focal flowers stand out even more.

Dahlias are absolutely gorgeous and they are sure to be attention grabbers. Burgundy dahlias are darker in colour which makes them that much more appealing. The outer parts of the petals appear lighter while the interior looks darker. This is mainly due to the lighting in the room but it definitely highlights the luxurious textures of this bloom.

Upright Amaranthus can be used to add accents to a bouquet. Since it is particularly dark in colour, it should be used sparingly. The same can be said for scabiosa. Any flowers that are especially dark in colour should always be used sparingly or they can overcrowd the bouquet and hide the beauty of the other blooms. When adding touches of these colours here and there, it emphasizes the rest of the blooms.

If you want to create a tropical bouquet with a touch of burgundy, consider adding some anthuriums. These flowers are not only exotic in appearance, but the glossy appearance is excellent for adding contrasting elements to the bouquet.

These are just some of the main burgundy flowers available. Others include oriental lilies, mini calla lilies, and mini cymbidium orchids. Combine lighter colours with darker ones and add some pink too. This will give your bouquet wonderful depth.