March 6, 2021
Burgundy flowers

Beautiful burgundy blooms

Different types of flowers are available in different colours. Red and pink are two common colours but what about burgandy? This colour is extremely rich ...
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Plants that bloom in winter

Winter blooming plants to spruce up your home

When you look out the window during winter, you are bound to notice naked trees, perhaps a few evergreens here and there and, for the ...
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Types of white flowers

Popular white blooms

Fresh flowers are available in a wide variety of colours. Your florist will always keep a number of different colours in stock in order to ...
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Tulips for spring

Send tulips for spring

Tulips are one of the most popular spring flowers. They are colourful, elegant, and they have a wonderful way of warming up the room with ...
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Types of tulips

Wonderful varieties of tulips

When we think about tulips, there’s usually one image that comes to mind. The most common or standard tulip is the most well-known but there ...
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Best water temperature for flowers

Do your flowers prefer warm or cold water?

When it’s hot outside, there’s nothing more satisfying than a refreshing, cold drink. We usually opt for something cold rather than a warm drink and ...
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Best temperature for flowers

Cut flowers prefer cooler temperatures

You may have noticed that plants and flowers tend to wilt if they are exposed to extreme heat or direct sunlight for extended periods of ...
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Flowers as medicine

Flowers and their medicinal uses

We often think of fresh flowers as décor for our homes and gardens. However, these natural beauties have so much more to offer other than ...
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flowers available throughout the year

Flowers throughout the year

All plants have a particular life cycle. Some plants produce fruit during hot weather while others are fruitful during the cooler months. The same goes ...
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Flowers for your doctor

Suitable flowers for your doctor or therapist

Doctors and therapists are faced with the tough task of providing their patients with the best care. Patients often feel the need to thank doctors ...
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