Cyclamen Are Wonderful Blooming Houseplants

Cyclamen with heart shaped leavesPink, white, red and bicolor cyclamenOutdoor Moss Hanging Basket with White Cyclamen and Ornamental KaleDelicate cyclamen blossoms resemble shooting starsMiniature and regular sized cyclamensFragrant white miniature cyclamenCyclamen in pots do well in a shady spot outside in the summerCyclamen with dusty millerFrench garden with pink cyclamen, pink begonias and ferns

The flowers of the cyclamen plant with their swept-back petals that twist and turn like butterfly wings and their heart-shaped leaves that are intricately patterned with silver are some of the most beautiful blooming house and summer garden plants that you can grow. Indoors cyclamen do best in a cool place with temperatures staying below 68 degrees. They thrive in bright light, but don’t do well in extreme sunlight.

Soil should dry to the touch between thourough waterings. You can water cyclamen from the bottom if you don’t want to risk getting water all over the flowers, but make sure to remove the water source as soon as the plant has taken up the water.  Cyclamen don’t like to have wet feet. As the flowers fade, go down to the base of the flower stalk and give it a twist.  The spent blossom and stem will come away easily and new blossoms will be encouraged. Cyclamen can be transferred outside in the spring and summer as soon as the danger of frost has passed.  They prefer cooler temperatures outside and do well in shady spots.

In early spring when Boulder’s temperatures are still cool, cyclamen plants begin to flourish.  We love to include them in spring outdoor, moss baskets with ivies and ferns and ornamental kale for a shady porch or patio.  Cyndy and the French Gardeners often plant a monochromatic look with all white flowers and green foliage.  White cyclamen, green and white flowering kale and white begonias mix perfectly with all green ivies and ferns.

Cyclamens come in a variety of sizes.  We love the small miniature varities that fit easily in a tiny inch and a half pot.  They make perfect dinner party gifts if you put one at each place setting. The white varieties that we are getting now seem to be the most fragrant.

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