Decorating a nesting-themed baby shower

Nesting-themed flower arrangements

Nesting-themed flower arrangements

When you are expecting, you often go through a period of nesting. This is when you experience a strong need to clean, arrange, and prepare your home for the arrival of your new baby. It is with this in mind that many people today choose to host nesting-themed baby showers. If you want to create a shower with this theme, here are some tips.

Baby girl or boy

If you know the gender of the baby or babies, you can use this as a a guide in terms of a colour scheme. For the most part, pink and purple are popular for girls while blue is a common choice for boys. If a pigeon pair are expected, you could decorate with pink and blue! If you don’t know the gender of the baby, choose neutral colours like green and yellow instead.

Types of flowers

Now that you know what colour the flowers should be, it’s time to choose the types of flowers you wish to use. There is no right or wrong answer but you might want to avoid flowers with particularly strong scents. Some good examples of flowers to use include roses, carnations, hydrangeas, and lilies.

How to arrange flowers

If you want a nesting theme, you will need some bird-themed items too. Pick up some small decorative bird cages and place an ornamental bird on top. You might need to secure it with some wire or strong glue. Your flower arrangement should go inside. Make sure that you use floral foam instead of a vase for the best effect. You won’t need too many flowers since the cages are small. You can also buy some nest-like baskets and fill them with flowers. Add a bird pick to the arrangement and you’re all set! Some people like to go easy on the flowers and place some display eggs in the middle. Don’t use fresh eggs because they will not last. Use decorative eggs instead. If you want to make a wreath, you can get really creative! Secure a nest to the bottom of the hanging floral wreath and place an artificial bird inside. The more realistic it looks, the better! Add some small flowers like baby’s breath and perhaps a few tiny decorative eggs to the nest for that final touch.

Other final touches

You can also ask guests to wrap gifts to suit the theme. They can do so by sending a gift basket (like a nest) or they can choose bird-themed wrapping paper. This is a great theme that everyone can enjoy!

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