What Do The Different Colors of Flowers Mean?

Red Gerbera flower macro

Flowers have been used to convey the message of love and admiration for thousands of years. The information they convey depends on the type of flower, its color and presentation. In the Victorian era, flowers are used to convey secret information. While flowers are usually not a secret message in today’s America, there are some implications with the colors of flowers that you should remember.

Red: Red flowers traditionally speak of deep love and passion, but they can have other meanings too. Red flowers can also symbolize courage, respect, admiration and desire. Traditionally, red roses hold the power position for expressions of passion and love and are often presented to lovers and spouses on Valentine’s Day, birthdays and anniversaries. White baby’s breath often accompanies red roses to add a touch of romance to the floral bouquet.

Pink: Pink is associated with a mother’s love, but they aren’t limited to gift giving for Mom. Pink flowers also represent unconditional love, gentleness, happiness, femininity and innocence. While pink carnations are a popular gift for Mother’s Day, they are appropriate for young girls too. Pink roses are often included in mixed bouquets or floral arrangements as a symbol of love.

Blue: Blue colored flowers symbolize peace and tranquility and are often included in informal floral arrangements. They are appropriate between friends, colleagues or other associates and send a message to relax and enjoy a stress-free life. The mysterious blue rose is much sought after, but really doesn’t exist in nature. Some roses have a dusky blue cast, but deep blue roses are only the workings of fantasy. The iris is a popular blue flower that can be displayed alone or added to a colorful bouquet of mixed flowers.

Yellow: Yellow flowers symbolize joy, happiness and the return of the sun in the spring, but they can also express pride or friendship. Yellow flowers are popular spring flowers that uplift the spirit and bring energy into the the home. Yellow flowers are appropriate for Mom or for friends and are often combined with other flowers to create springtime displays. The sunny, yellow sunflower makes a bolder statement as it bids farewell to summer and welcomes the fall. Yellow sunflowers are often included in showy autumn bouquets.

White: White flowers traditionally represent innocence and purity and are often included in bridal bouquets and floral displays in religious ceremonies. They can also express sympathy when include in funeral or memorial flowers. A white lotus flower symbolizes spiritual perfection.

Lavender: Lavender or violet flower meaning is grace, refinement and elegance, but they can also symbolize femininity. Lavender flowers can be added to mixed bouquets or paired with purple flowers for a monochromatic display that sets them apart. When paired with pink, they represent the ultimate expression of elegant femininity.


Orange: Orange flowers are difficult to ignore. These bold flowers symbolize excitement and enthusiasm and work well for adding life to the party. Temper orange flowers with greenery or white flowers to mellow their bright color.

Green: Green flowers and greenery represent renewal and rebirth. They can also symbolize good fortune and good health, as they are associated with springtime and new beginnings. Green flowers are best presented with other flowers in floral displays where their natural beauty is enhanced.

Purple: Purple flowers are associated with royalty, dignity and success, but they can also symbolize admiration and fantasy. Try pairing purple flowers with yellow to enhance their beauty and add excitement.

Keeping a symbol associated with the color of flowers is always a good idea, but keep in mind that sending the message to your flower also depends on the type of flower you choose and your relationship to the receiver. Dark red roses may send messages to recipients deep in love, but not red poppies. Red poppy is an international British mark to commemorate the death of soldiers.

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