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Dried Flowers

When you think of environmental wedding flowers, you imagine a bunch of wildflowers, but in fact there are many ways to go green according to your style, season and wedding budget.

Most overseas wedding flowers are planted using pounds of chemical pesticides and fertilizers. Choosing local, seasonal and organic flowering is a simple way to reduce the impact on your environment. You can use this guide to wedding flowers during the season will be available locally to see your wedding.

However, there are more creative ways to create environmentally friendly wedding flowers. Here are some ideas to start:

1. Potted Plants

You can DIY, buy or even rent potted plants for your wedding ceremony and reception. From tall topiaries lining the wedding aisle to potted wedding centerpieces, live plants make beautiful wedding décor that can be reused, resold or gifted after the big day. You can use flowers, succulents, moss and even live grass to create beautiful tablescapes for you reception. For simple décor or a budget, try miniature roses or banks of fragrant herbs.

Potted Plants

2. Petal Perfection

You can buy freeze dried eco-friendly petals and use them to create elaborate aisle style and table displays. They are available in every color of the rainbow, so you can match your décor perfectly. Petals can also be placed in water with or without floating candles and used in lieu of floral centerpieces or run down the tables to create a splash of color at your reception.

Petal Perfection

3. Dried Flowers

Dried flowers don’t wilt – which makes them great for weddings in hot climates – but they also work well for fall weddings because many fall botanicals look wonderful dried. Dried flowers can easily be used again in your home or can be resold to another bride after your wedding day.

Dried Flowers

4. Cotton Bouquets

Cotton is a natural material that has a very rustic look when used in its raw form. However, when turned into fabric flowers, cotton can be transformed into big soft blooms. Like dried flowers, fabric flowers can withstand all temperatures, and can be used long after the wedding day is over. These bouquets are perfect for a classic white wedding!

Cotton Bouquets

5. Branches

Branches can create dramatic height without blocking guests’ views of each other. You can cut branches yourself or work with a florist, but either way your flowers will be sustainable – as branches grow back every year. To create the dramatic effect of flowering branches in winter you can use a technique called “forcing” – where you place fruit tree branches or forsythia in warm water for a few weeks before the event. The results are stunning, but if you have never forced branches before you should consult with a florist and have a back up plan.


As you can see, there are many ways green is hard to choose your wedding flower. Regardless of your style or budget, go with your florist (and other wedding suppliers) to your desire to go green. If you want to use flowers, you can find local growers and use seasonal wedding flowers to imagine your flower style guide.

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