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In general, art is the expression of creativity and / or imagination. There are a variety of art, including visual arts, design, decorative arts, plastic arts, performing arts. Art performance requires many forms, namely painting, painting, sculpture, music, literature, performing arts, printmaking, film, and even architecture is the most widely recognized form. However, due to the arrival of modernism and technological revolution, like the new form of photography, comics, video art, computer art, and so on, have emerged. Similarly, such art forms describe flowers, or other related materials collectively referred to as floral art forms or flower art forms.

Traditional Flower Art Forms

Making flower arrangements by itself is a great floral art. Making artificial flowers, silk flowers, paper flowers, clay flowers, drying flowers, flower painting, flower clip art, flower shows, flower tattoos, virtual flower cards, flower photos, flower posters, flower screensavers, flower wallpapers, and flower widgets constitute other popular forms of flower art.


Floral art has a strong intertwined with each other. The annual event “The Art of Flower Explain” organized by the Art Museum of the University of Virginia states that flower arranging is a great art.

Although the flowers are naturally beautiful, the floral art installations enhance their beauty through flower arranging. Flower arrangement, floral art of Japanese words, today is more popular. Floral meaning “flower of life”, but will be a more accurate explanation of ‘arrangement of plant materialA’. The flower arranging effort is communicated by symbolizing how nature and art relate to everyday life.

There is no veritable event in the universe without some or another floral art. Here, the flower designer enters the picture. Floral designers create their designs based on occasions, weddings, birthdays, parties, etc., and even funerals – each with a specific flower arrangement pattern.


Different kinds of flower arrangements by various floral designers around the world are exhibited at flower shows. The Philadelphia Flower Show (U.S.), Chelsea Flower Show (London), Toronto Flower and Garden Show (Canada) etc., are some popular flower shows. Flower shows serve as venues for learning about the art of gardening, art of arranging flowers and such other information about flowers.

Making artificial flowers is another wonderful floral art form. It is the art of manufacturing imitation flowers, which look no different from natural flowers. Silk Flowers, soap flowers, paper flowers, clay flowers, plastic flowers, porcelain flowers, etc., are examples of artificial flowers. When properly designed, artificial flower arrangements can be just as beautiful as a real flower arrangements.


Drying flowers and arranging dried flowers is another floral art form for decorating home and offices as well. Dried flowers, whether used in bouquets, pressed flower pictures, or potpourri, or on hats, wreaths, kissing balls, shadow boxes, hearth brooms, shaker boxes, window ornaments, door swags, inspire us to recreate a gentler time of beauty and elegance.

Art, in general usage, is most often thought of as painting. the art of Painting is the most poular art form. Similarly, flower painting holds a special place in the hearts of art lovers and flower lovers. Paintings of flowers have their antecedents in the herbal and scientific depictions of plants. Flower tattoo is another favorite floral art with many, especially with the youth where the body is pierced in the form of an image of a flower or a plant, which looks like a flower painting on the body.

Modern Flower Art Forms

Technological innovations have brought flowers, etc. Floral art clip art, virtual cards, floral photos, posters, flower screensavers, flower wallpaper and flower widgets. Flower Clip Art is one of the most popular online flower art. The purpose of flower clip art is to provide a universal pool of great love by non-artists art that can be reused, who bhave art and flowers.

Virtual greeting cards Postcards have special blessings, and all moments can be sent via the Internet, usually via e-mail. Virtual flower cards easily convey information and virtual flowers with almost a beautiful moment.

With the advent of photography and printing technology, photographs and posters enter the stage of art. Because the flower is the source of natural inspiration for anyone, any artist as well as the flower of the photo and poster art is gaining popularity in the world, especially floral art.

Likewise, the flower-screen wallpaper is popular PC-owning community personal desktop. So it is such a small part of the desktop in the computer.

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