Flowers arranged as a gift

Arranging flowers as a wrapped gift

Arranging flowers as a wrapped gift

If you want to make a memorable birthday flower arrangement, then you will love this easy design! You can make it in just a few minutes and you can adjust the size depending on your budget. Give your flowers a real birthday theme when you make this flower gift box!

You will need:

  • Floral foam (square or rectangular)
  • Fresh flowers of your choice (preferably those with plenty of petals and great coverage)
  • Decorative ribbon
  • Plastic tray


  • Start by trimming your floral foam to size. If you plan on using more than one piece of foam, you should secure them together using floral wire.
  • Soak the foam thoroughly in fresh water and place on a plastic tray. The tray should be a perfect fit so that it is not visible when you present the gift.
  • When choosing your flowers, remember to look for a single type of flower and a single colour. When you wrap a present, the gift wrap might have a pattern but it’s more often plain. Especially if you plan on adding a ribbon. So, in order to emphasize the shape of the arrangement and to make it clear that it is a gift-shaped bouquet, keep it simple. Some examples of flowers you can use include pom pom chrysanthemums and mini carnations. Smaller flowers work best in this case.
  • Begin with the bottom row of flowers; just above the rim of the plastic container. Arrange the first row of flowers so that they face slightly downward to conceal the container. You will need to trim each stem as you go and the stems need not be too long but they do need to anchor the bloom sufficiently.
  • Once the first row is all in place, you can continue with the second row. Don’t line your flowers up in rows. Alternate them for a more natural appearance. Also, some flowers might be slightly smaller or larger than others. So, by staggering them, it will make this unnoticeable.
  • Continue placing flowers in the foam until the entire block (apart from the part underneath) is completely covered. There should be no gaps in between the flowers.
  • Now wrap your ribbon around the gift. Start at the top and wrap it all the way around. Underneath, you can twist the ribbon and bring it backup to form a cross. Don’t wrap too tightly or you will crush the flowers.
  • Make a pretty bow on top and you’re all done!

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