Flowers for your new home

Flowers for your new home

Flowers for your new home

If you have ever had to give up a home that you love and move to a new and strange place, you’ll know just how tough it can be. It’s so much more than just packing everything up into boxes and unpacking it in your new home. It’s all those sentimental memories collected over the years. It’s having to move away from what’s familiar in exchange for a new address, new neighbours, and all the rest of it.

Once everything is packed and you’re ready to say goodbye, your heart will undoubtedly feel heavy. You take one last stroll through the rooms and remember all the sad, funny, and crazy moments. You remember how certain things annoyed you like a noisy bathroom tap or that one floorboard that creeks. Yet, as you shut the front door for the last time, you know that you will even miss the things that once irritated you.

Moving into your new home can be exciting, terrifying, and exhausting. If your new home is larger, then you will love the idea of having extra space for all of your belongings. If you are downsizing, well then it’s going to be a bit tricky. You might even have to put some things in storage or even sell them. Don’t expect everything to be packed and your home to be perfectly arranged right away, however. You can expect several boxes to remain unopened for weeks or even months! That said, just because your stuff is in boxes, it does not mean that you cannot make your house feel more like a home. How can you do this? With fresh flowers and plants, of course!

If you are planning on hosting a house warming party, take care not to overdo it with your flower order. Your guests might want to help you spruce up your home with a floral house warming gift. For starters, you can order one colourful bouquet and perhaps a potted plant that does not require too much care. The location of your flowers will depend on where you want to display your plant. If your plant makes itself at home in your living room, then you can display fresh flowers in your kitchen, bathroom, or bedroom.

Since your life might be a bit chaotic at this point, you may feel like you don’t have the time to care for a plant or tend to cut flowers. So, to avoid any worries of flowers wilting prematurely or plants dying, ask your florist about silk flowers instead! Reputable florists stock high quality silk flowers. Unlike cheaper varieties, these silk blooms have an amazingly realistic appearance and they maintain their beauty for far longer without fading or falling apart. So, don’t wait until that last box is unpacked – decorate your new home right away!

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