Flowers throughout the year

flowers available throughout the year

flowers available throughout the year

All plants have a particular life cycle. Some plants produce fruit during hot weather while others are fruitful during the cooler months. The same goes for flowers and this is why we have seasonal blooms. Of course, due to the popular demand for specific flowers, we have seen some great advances and we are able to cultivate plants in such a way that they bloom throughout the year. Of course, it is important to note that growing plants and flowers under such conditions is more costly and, for this reason, flowers that are not in season tend to be more expensive.

One of the most popular flowers in the world is the rose. From December to February, these plants produce lovely and impressive blooms in the southern hemisphere. However, further north, the winter conditions mean that these plants become dormant and save their energy for the following season. For those in the south, it’s quite convenient to know that roses are in season around Valentine’s Day. For anyone living in the north, this is not the case and roses need to be cultivated in greenhouses or imported. Either way, the prices of roses increases significantly as a result.

The higher price of roses during this time of year has led to the increasing popularity of other blooms like chrysanthemums and carnations. These flowers are also available in various colours, including red, and they are a fair bit cheaper too. They are also so popular that many florists keep them in stock throughout the year. Remember, carnations offer great value for money since they are one of the longest lasting of cut flowers. The only bloom that will outlast a carnation is an orchid.

Lilies are also a must for florists to keep in stock. There are a number of different types of lilies and they are available in various colours. Not only are they loved for their beauty, but also their sweet scent! They can be enjoyed on their own or displayed along with other blooms like gerbera daisies and roses.

If you are looking for cheap flowers, the best thing to do is browse around for seasonal blooms. Alternatively, shop according to price and look for discounted bouquets. Just because you are looking to save money does not mean that your bouquet should look cheap. Professional florists understand the importance of presentation. Better still, shop for flowers online! This way, you can shop by price and check out the photos of each bouquet to help you make the best choice.

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