Indian Medicinal Flowers Plants and Their Uses

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Useful Flowers

The smell of flowers can enhance our spirit and taste. They also have the effect of relaxing our stress, and Ayurveda Useful Flowers to treat certain diseases. For thousands of years, flowers perform an important role in our lives. Flowers different tones and colors to ease your emotions and relax your mind. The scent of some flowers you cool down. When eating special flowers can cure the disease. They contain medicinal secret from fractures to heart failure.

1.Medicinal Use Of Saffron

This flower delivers happiness and makes glowing skin. It provides strength, stops vomiting and destroys to wind, bile and phlegm-related problems to all the three Dosha disorders. Saffron calms down the nervousness and stress present in various systems. Therefore, it is also notable as a natural barbiturate. It provides vigor, strength, activity and glow if eaten along with betel leaf.

2.Medicinal Use Of Pandanus flowers

It has a nice aroma like Kasturi (musk). This flower sheds odors and furnishes the atmosphere with an aroma. Kewda oil is useful for respiratory troubles and supplies vitality. Its perfume eases headache and gout pain. Boil the flowers in water and take a bath with this water, it is highly beneficial in situations of leprosy, itchiness, small pox and heart complaints. A few drops of this flower added to water yield’s relief in headache and tiredness. In case of fever, one drop of kewda essence helps the perspiration to come out, and the body temperature comes down. In case of acute pain in the ear, place two drops of its perfume in the ear. It will immediately relieve the pain.

3.Medicinal Use Of Rose Flower

Rose symbolizes beauty, affection and love. The gulkand made of rose is a laxative in nature and lowers the heat in the intestines and stomach. It causes the heart and mind joyful. Wash the eyes with rose water to lower the ruddiness of the eyes and swelling. Its fragrance is life-giving, and its oil causes the mind cool. rose essence are also used in sweet recipes. It supplies coolness in the hot summer season.

4.Medicinal Use Of Fragrant Yellow Flowers

Grind fragrant yellow flowers and apply it on the skin infected with leprosy. A few drops of this flower kill the germs existing in the blood. Dry the flowers and prepare a fine powder, use this powder to get comfort from itching. fragrant yellow flowers cures fever, rectifies the eyesight and delivers strength and energy to men.

5.Medicinal Use Of Aniseed

Aniseed contains a lot of advantageous characters. Boil the aniseed flowers in water; include cardamom and a few mint leaves in the water. It is best to boil the leaves in a ceramic pot and carry on the water aside. When the water gets cold, give one teaspoonful to small children and to babies who are receiving new teeth and those who are discomfort from extreme heat. This lowers the stomachache, and the teeth will also grow in the accurate manner.

6.Medicinal Use Of Lotus Flowers

In hindu mythology, there is a strong link between the lotus and Goddess Lakshmi which signifies wealth and richness. The lotus symbolizes growth in nature. The honeybee prepares honey with its pollens, and the flower is used to prepare Gulkand. Gulkand is used as a medicaton to cure irregularity and different diseases. One can see green colored seeds inside the lotus flower, that are baked to make makhana. If the raw seeds are skinned and taken as a medication, it boosts strength and vigor. It is chilled in nature. It is used as an eyeliner together with honey to better the eyesight. The lotus leaves can be used as a cosmetic as well. Grind the lotus leaves and blend them with the ubatan (which is a pack generally made of gram flour, raw milk, curd and 1/2 teaspoon turmeric powder) and apply on the face. Apply it softly on the face, the skin blushes and the face will look gorgeous.

7.Medicinal Use Of Marigold Flower

Farm marigold flowers near dirty lakes and near the surroundings of the house to defend the house from mosquitoes. It is additionally useful in liver illnesses, swelling of the liver, stones and skin illnesses.

8.Medicinal Use Of Jasmine Flower

This flower owns a very good aroma and grows particularly in the summer season. Embellish the house with Jasmine flowers. Keeping a garland near you or in a vase will give freshness and aroma. Its aroma lowers the burning feeling. Women who have got the trouble of mild menstrual cycle must chew a few petals of this flower. The menstruation cycle will grow into regular and the menstrual cycle also gets to be normal.

9.Medicinal Use Of Cestrum Nocturnum

Cestrum nocturnum commonly recognized as ‘Raat ki Rani’ in India, it owns and very good fragrance, that can be felt up from a long distance. The flower produces an aroma from evening to midnight, and later it bit by bit reduces. Further benefit of this flower is that mosquitoes are put by at bay. Its aroma makes the person sleepy and puts one to sleep.

10.Medicinal Use Of Tuscan Jasmine

This flower is used for skin diseases, pyaria, toothache, injury, eye complaints, novels and so on. It increases blood flow and inspires the whole body. Mouth cavity ulcer chewing leaves Chameli gives immediate comfort. This flower also adds to the spirit of the proviso happy.

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