24 Pink Flowers Meaning Love, Death (and Tattoos!)

When it comes to expressing emotion, few colors are as versatile as pink. Pink flowers can be used to express a wide range of sentiments, from innocent love and appreciation to admiration and gratitude.

In many cases, the meaning of pink flowers is similar to that of red flowers, with the exception that pink flowers are often given in a less serious or romantic context. For example, pink roses are often given as a token of appreciation or admiration, while red roses are more typically associated with romantic love.

Whether you’re looking to show appreciation for a friend, family member, or colleague, or you’re hoping to add a touch of romance to your relationship, pink flowers are a beautiful way to send your message.

Here is a summary of common pink flower varieties and their meanings.

What Do Pink Flowers Mean?

When it comes to the meaning of pink flowers, there are a few different interpretations. Some believe that pink flowers are a symbol of grace and elegance, while others believe that they represent playful femininity.

1. Pink Roses 

Pink Roses 

Pink roses symbolize elegance and sweetness in most cultures. But the meaning can differ slightly depending on the shade of the petals. For example, Deep pink roses symbolize gratitude and appreciation, making them ideal as thank-you gifts.

Alternatively, light pink roses reference feelings of love, elegance, and admiration.

2. Pink Hibiscus

Pink Hibiscus

Pink hibiscus flowers are common in Asian and Polynesian cultures as symbols of fame, wealth, glory, and beauty. For example, Hawaiian women wear these flowers on their hair to enhance their beauty and status in society. Pink hibiscus flowers also represent your admiration for the recipient.

3. Pink Dahlias

Pink Dahlias

Pink dahlias represent kindness, grace, femininity, and service. 

Pink Spiritual Flowers

Pink Spiritual Flowers

Pink flowers represent love and tenderness in a spiritual context. Most cultures believe receiving a pink flower in the spiritual world presents the opportunity of finding true love. They also indicate that you have a tender heart that accepts everyone for who they are, regardless of your past experiences.  

Below are pink flower varieties that best represent spirituality.

1. Pink Lily Flowers

Pink Lily Flowers

Receiving a pink lily flower from the spirit world encourages you to accept other people’s opinions. It improves your ability to learn new things and make wise decisions in all aspects of your life.

These flowers are a species of the Oriental lily and include the Mona Lisa and Journey’s End varieties. They have a lush fragrance, making them a common feature in many flower arrangements. Pink lily flowers are ideal gifts for birthdays, graduations, and new births.

2. Pink Tulip Flowers

Pink Tulip Flowers

Pink tulip flowers feature petals that are close together to form a bulb. They encourage you to be more secretive to shield yourself from negativity.

Another spiritual meaning of pink tulip flowers is that you have a close group of friends with your best interests. As such, you need to keep them close and value your friendship. 

Some occasions where you can gift pink tulips include graduations, thanksgiving, and job promotions. This symbolizes the affection you have for the recipient and that you value your relationship.

3. Pink Daisy Flowers

Pink Daisy Flowers

Daisies feature petals that radiate from the disc floret, indicating clarity. Receiving these flowers during difficult periods assures you of a solution, regardless of the circumstances.

Whether in your love life or career, pink daisy flowers symbolize and encourage an open mind, allowing you to find the best solution to your challenges.

Pink daisy flowers are ideal gifts for new mothers, friends starting a new job, or a recently married couple.

According to Celtic legend, God sent pink daisies to parents who lost a baby as a sign of encouragement.

4. Pink Carnation Flowers

Pink Carnation Flowers

Pink carnation flowers indicate that you are close to meeting your soulmate. Whether you dream about them or see them during a walk, these flowers encourage you to prepare for your meeting.

They also indicate that your twin flame is ready to meet you, and you may receive them as a gift from your prospective lover.

5. Pink Lotus Flowers

Pink Lotus Flowers

Pink lotus flowers have cascading petals that symbolize the different stages of life. Most cultures consider them a good omen of life and encourage recipients to value their life.

Pink lotus flowers symbolize that each life action you take will be successful since they will be associated with specific stages in your life.

6. Pink Dahlia Flowers

Pink Dahlia Flowers

When you receive a pink dahlia in the spirit world, it represents a healthy love life. Dahlias flowers consist of several petals bunched together, and the more petals present, the bigger the bunch.

Similarly, healthy pink dahlia flowers are a sign that you have a blossoming and genuine love life.

7. Pink Gladiolus Flowers

Pink Gladiolus Flowers

These flowers are an omen of happiness. They encourage you to celebrate all wins in your life regardless of their stature. Seeing a pink gladiolus flower in a dream or real life signifies future happier times.

As such, only focus on the present and not put too much thought into the future.

8. Pink Orchid Flowers

Pink Orchid Flowers

Dreaming about pink orchid flowers inclines you to follow life’s processes. It encourages you to practice patience and diligence in whatever you do.

You can identify this from the structure of the flower, which features petals arranged in ascending levels and the flower pointing in a specific direction.

9. Pink Azalea Flowers

Pink Azalea Flowers

Pink azaleas symbolize empathy and vulnerability in the spiritual world. They encourage you to care for your fellow human beings and also encourage you to accept others for who they are.

Although azaleas are mostly associated with the feminine side, the same applies to men.

10. Pink Cherry Blossom Flowers

Pink Cherry Blossom Flowers

Spiritually, pink cherry blossoms symbolize the beauty of life. Seeing these flowers encourages you to appreciate your life and enjoy all the benefits it gives. They are ideal symbols of good fortune, and the positive energy they bring with them signifies fulfillment. 

Pink Flowers Meaning Death

Flowers arrangements are common during funerals, each symbolizing different emotions towards the deceased. For example, in most modern cultures, pink flowers represent innocence, remembrance, and compassion while other cultures associate them with death.

Below are the different flower variants and their meanings in death.

1. Pink Anemones

Pink Anemones

Anemones are flowers native to North America, Europe, and Eastern Asia. They bloom from spring to fall and feature a disc floret with five petals. The flower derives its name from the Greek Word anemos, meaning wind, resulting in it being called the windflower. 

Depending on the culture, anemones can mean death in different ways. For example, the Chinese associate the flower with hopelessness, abandonment, and suffering. Conversely, Ancient Egyptians associate anemones with sickness, with other Europeans believing them to be symbols of bad luck.

2. Pink Asphodels

Pink Asphodels

Pink asphodels, also known as onion weed, are a type of lily associated with the underworld in Greek mythology. Wreaths that feature this flower convey messages of remembrance and faithfulness to departed loved ones.

People also use this flower during death anniversaries to affirm the above promises.

3. Pink Chrysanthemums

Pink Chrysanthemums

These flowers feature heavily in different funeral flower arrangements ranging from wreaths to sympathy arrangements. Pink Chrysanthemums also have different meanings depending on the culture.

For example, the flower represents purity and truth in the United States and is a good way to celebrate one’s life. Conversely, most European countries use the flower to indicate mourning of a loved one.

4. Pink Daffodils

Pink Daffodils

In ancient times, daffodils were associated with death, especially if they droop when you look at them. This is because they are said to be the flowers that Narcissus looked at before his death. They now represent new beginnings, resurrection, and eternal life, which makes them ideal for the funerals of family members you deeply love.

5. Pink Daisy Flower

Pink Daisy Flower

Pink daisies are a great way of showing compassion and sympathy to the bereaved family. They are associated with innocence and childhood, making them ideal flowers for the funerals of young ones. You can also use them to cheer the mourning family because the flower structure resembles a bright sun, representing the beginning of a new day.

6. Pink Frangipani Flowers

Pink Frangipani Flowers

Frangipanis, also known as plumerias, are delicate flowers native to the Caribbean, Mexico, and Central America. They emit odors that incite feelings of nostalgia, making them ideal funeral flowers to remember departed loved ones. 

7. Pink Hyacinth Flowers

Pink Hyacinth Flowers

These are container plants whose flowers grow closely and are native to the Mediterranean region. They symbolize togetherness with the grieving family and are an ideal way of extending your support to them. 

8. Pink Marigold Flowers

Pink Marigold Flowers

Pink marigold flowers are common in Latin America, particularly during the Day of the Dead. Their bright hues bring cheer to the mourning family, and you will find them on the altars of the dead. Pink marigold flowers can also be pressed into sweets that festival participants can enjoy during the event.

9. Pink Poppy Flower

 Pink Poppy Flower

Poppy flowers symbolize different feelings, including compassion and restful sleep.

You will see these flowers in use during the anniversaries of notable loved ones. For example, Romans placed these flowers on top of tombs to grant their loved one’s immortality.

Similarly, poppies are the remembrance symbol for British soldiers who served in World War two.

10. Pink Orchid Flowers

Pink Orchid Flowers

Orchids may not be appealing as the other flowers in this list, but they symbolize undying love for the deceased. You can find them in arrangements or as single-cut flowers during the main funeral or death anniversaries. 

Pink Flower Tattoos

Flower tattoos have been around for over 5000 years as a way of self-expression and a means of cultural identity. There are various pink flower tattoos you can choose from. Some people add other elements to the tattoo to enhance the message.

For example, you can have a single flower or add a scroll over it with a specific message. Here are common pink flower tattoos and their meaning.

1. Pink Cherry Blossom Tattoos

Pink Cherry Blossom Tattoos

Cherry blossom tattoos are common in Japanese-style tattoos. They represent empathy and an appreciation of one’s life. Because the pink cherry blossom is a delicate flower, they act as a reminder of your mortality. Common locations of these tattoos are the back, upper arm, calf, and shoulder.

2. Pink Begonia Tattoos

Pink Begonia Tattoos

Begonia tattoos represent wealth and happiness. Depending on the design and location, they can also represent uniqueness, harmony, and respect. In other cultures, a begonia tattoo can symbolize individuality and gratitude for managing a difficult time.

3. Pink Tulip Tattoos

Pink Tulip Tattoos

Pink tulips represent confidence and prosperity. They can also represent good wishes to your friends and loved ones. Additionally, you can have the tattoo in different varieties, including single flowers or a bouquet, depending on the degree of joy and confidence you feel.  

4. Pink Peonies

Pink Peonies

Pink peonies are the official emblem of China and represent beauty across all aspects, both physical and spiritual. Other meanings of pink peony tattoos include honor, prosperity, and bashfulness.

5. Pink Azaleas

Pink Azaleas

You can get a pink azalea tattoo to represent love and gentleness. It is also a symbol of one’s femininity, given the flower’s beauty. Although the tattoo is common among females, you will still find it in males who wish to show their softer side.

6. Pink Rose Tattoos

Pink Rose Tattoos

Rose tattoos are arguably the most common in the industry. They come in numerous designs ranging from a single bloom to composite bouquets that may include scrolls and barbed wire. For example, pink rose tattoos symbolize gentleness, grace, and happiness.

Furthermore, you can make your message specific by adding a scroll with a message to your loved one or your child’s birthday.

7. Pink Camellias

Pink Camellias

Getting a tattoo of a pink camellia indicates that you miss someone. For example, you can get this tattoo to remember a loved one who has recently passed.

8. Pink Carnation Tattoo

Pink Carnation Tattoo

Carnations are beautiful flowers that depict various emotions and characteristics, including love, admiration, romance, gratitude, and deep friendship. Pink carnation tattoos come in various designs.

For example, a tattoo containing two pink carnations with a name symbolizes the gratitude level you have towards that person.

9. Pink Lotus Tattoos

Pink Lotus Tattoos

A pink lotus is the symbol of Buddhism and is often referred to as Buddha’s Lotus. Because it is mainly associated with religion, a pink lotus tattoo indicates your devotion to the religion. 

10. Pink Stargazer Tattoos

Pink Stargazer Tattoos

Stargazers are a variety of the lily flower and usually represent good fortune.

People get these tattoos to attract favor in whatever they do. For example, getting a pink stargazer lily tattoo on your hands symbolizes your desire for good fortune for your daily tasks.

11. Pink Hydrangea Tattoos

Hydrangeas are popular for their petal-rich blooms. A pink hydrangea tattoo is an expression of one’s true feelings.  You can get this tattoo to communicate your affection to someone or to show how much they mean to you.

Flowers can light your day and let your lover consider you. However, sending a bouquet suitable for a funeral can sink into a potential budding relationship before love has ever had the chance to bloom.

Set the tone of the appropriate romantic, family love, or friendship, the formation of some happy to share the meaning of the pink flower color.

The Most Popular Pink Flowers

The Most Popular Pink Flowers

Hundreds of flowers sold in floral shops come in pink varieties, but arrangers tend to stick to the basics when designing romantic or affectionate bouquets. Some of the most widely used pink blossoms include:

  • Pink rose buds and blossoms are a symbol of adoration, gratitude, and respect
  • Bright magenta tulip blooms, which symbolize life and the passion for living it
  • Soft pink hyacinths, indicate a playful and joyous message when sent to the right person
  • Pink lily flowers of all kinds, ranging from the showy Stargazer with its message of the resurrection to the timid Asiatic varieties with their meanings of modesty and intelligence.

Of course, most white flowers can also be tinged pink to order nowadays with the application of the right dye.

Pink in the Victorian Language of Flowers

Pink in the Victorian Language of Flowers

The love of soft and gentle pink didn’t start in the modern age, but rather in the time of the Victorian era. This period included the major expansion of an educated middle class for the first time, so naturally, all those ladies and gentlemen turned to flowers for expressing themselves when words were too bold.

Pink camellias were a good way to tell someone you were longing for them. If you were leaving on a trip and would not return to see your love for many years, you could hand them a rosy carnation as a sign that you wouldn’t forget them. In contrast, the pink larkspur was a sign of foolishness and fleeting fancies.

Significance in Asian Cultures

Some of the most iconic pink flowers come from Asia and hold special meanings in Eastern cultures. For example, the cherry blossom represents the country of Japan as a whole but also ties into purity, freshness, and the eternal cycle of life. Other important Asian flowers with a pink hue include:

  • The pink lotus flower, represents the Buddha and his work to free humanity from suffering
  • Warm-toned azalea blossoms, a symbol of femininity and the role of caring mothers
  • Pink chrysanthemums, are still linked to funerals and the afterlife despite the cheerful color.

Romantic Meanings for Valentine’s Day

Significance in Asian Cultures

If you are primarily worried about sending the right information on your anniversary or engagement bouquets, stick with pink and light red flowers most closely related to love. Roses, tulips, and peonies all meet the requirements because of the bright petals.

The large bouquet of pink hydrangeas also creates a lovely sweetness and appreciation of the cloud while the pink daisies are more suited to new relationships and young love.

Celebrating Other Events with Color

Celebrating Other Events with Color

You are not limited to romantic holidays and occasions using pink flowers. Would like to thank a friend or colleague to help you in trouble? Hyacinth and rose colors convey a message of gratitude.

If you want to build a sympathetic bouquet of people to enjoy the bright colors, the pink daisy funeral association is a perfect choice.

Pink flowers also make people appreciate the vibrant effect of the perfect gift of bright colors. Do not feel too limited to putting together a bunch of flowers or vase arrangements.

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