Popular white blooms

Types of white flowers

Fresh flowers are available in a wide variety of colours. Your florist will always keep a number of different colours in stock in order to cater to different needs. Different flower colours are associated with different meanings and, for the most part, white flowers represent purity and a respectful form of love. White flowers can be added to bouquets containing multiple other colours. They can also be displayed all on their own. The best news of all is that white is one of the most readily available of all flower colours. So, you will have no shortage of pretty white blooms, no matter the occasion.

White roses are a popular choice to include in several types of bouquets from wedding flowers to sympathy flowers. There are a number of different types of roses which means that one may look very different than another. Some are larger, others with tightly compacted petals. White roses can be paired with other white flowers or enjoyed all on their own.

Another beautiful white flower is the lily. There are a number of different types of lilies including callas. Each variety is very unique and they will certainly add elegance and beauty to any room. When displaying certain lilies, like those of the oriental variety, it is best to allow a few leaves to remain on the stem. So, instead of adding foliage, you can make the most of the existing greenery already on the stem! Remember, none of the leaves should be in the vase or below the waterline.

There is no denying the beauty of the orchid. Probably one of the finest and most opulent flowers of all. Orchids tend to be on the higher end of the price scale but they are also the longest lasting of all. That said, while most flowers are sent in vases, orchids are popular potted plants. This way, you can be sure that your orchid will last even longer.

Don’t forget about other white flowers such as white tulips, daisies, carnations, and even white poinsettias! There really are white flowers for every occasion! White flowers can also be a lot of fun. If, for example, you want to dye flowers a particular colour that is not available in nature, you should start with white flowers.