Some In-Season Alternatives for Your Favorite Flowers

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Although the type of flowers in the winter is not a lot, but does not mean to give up the wedding in the winter. Of course, maybe your own garden is covered with snow, but from the greenhouse to the national climate warming, there are still plenty of flowers that can be used to create your lush arrangements for your dreams.

But there are so many inspiration from the spring and summer weddings, bright colors and complete, soft texture, It’s hard to know where to find wedding flowers ideas for your winter wedding. Founder of Victoria’s security designed in New York City, where to break you should look when you design these seasonal parts.


Garden Roses

“If you’re really in love with the shape and texture of peonies, look instead for garden roses,” says Ahn. Peonies are only in season in late spring and summer months, and while they can be shipped in during the winter, the cost may be high and your options will be limited. Garden roses give you the same ruffled, full look and are equally large, so you’ll get the fluffy bouquet you were hoping for.


Ranunculus, Tulips and Other In-Season Blooms

Thought there was nothing in-season in the winter? Think again! “We love anemones, garden roses, ranunculus, and tulips for winter weddings,” Ahn suggests. Hardy ranunculus and early-blooming tulips mean you can have fragrant florals even with some snow left on the ground, while garden roses are available year-round and anemones are at their peak from October to May.

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Calla Lilies

For a more modern shape, look to calla lilies, which are at their best from late winter to early spring.

wedding flower

Greenery & Texture

There are more winter greenery that are not just pine trees and mistletoe. Ann said, “you will get a seasonal and flickering green gray hint if you put silver eucalyptus, planted eucalyptus, dusty Miller, which are more subtle and delicate than forest green holly.” Of course, Plants and pepper berries will add some color and texture!

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