Suitable flowers for your doctor or therapist

Flowers for your doctor

Flowers for your doctor

Doctors and therapists are faced with the tough task of providing their patients with the best care. Patients often feel the need to thank doctors and medical professionals for all their help and care. However, it is important to remember that there are some gifts that will prove appropriate while others are too personal.

The relationship you have with any medical professional is not a particularly close one. Some kind of distance between patient and professional needs to be maintained. So, when you want to send a thank you gift, consider a fresh flower arrangement. Fresh flowers are a thoughtful gift that need not come across as too intimate. The doctor can also choose to leave them on display in their office or wherever they consult patients. Flowers are known for improving your mood which means that your floral gift will not only benefit the doctor, but their patients too.

When choosing flowers for your doctor, make sure that you do not select a bouquet that could send a romantic message. Flowers like red roses, or any other red flowers for that matter, are not particularly suitable. If you want to play it safe, choose yellow flowers or even a mixed flower arrangement that includes several colours and flowers.

A great pair to consider is a bouquet of roses and carnations. A yellow, off-white, and green colour scheme can be simple yet perfect. The colours used in this bouquet ensures that it does not send a romantic message.

Alternatively, a mixed bouquet, can include four, five, or even more colours all in a single arrangement! It’s often best to present a man with bolder colours whereas pastels are more suited for women. Remember, the foliage you add will also add colour and texture so don’t forget to have your florist include one or more types of greenery.

The flowers should be presented in some kind of vase or container. This is because you cannot be sure whether or not your doctor has a vase on hand. You wouldn’t want your pretty bouquet to be left out of water for hours. When choosing a vase, you can get really creative. A clear glass vase is a classic option that suits just about every type of floral display. If you want to present something different, you can use a teacup and saucer as a vase. This is particularly lovely if your doctor has minimal space for displaying a bouquet.

If you would like to add accessories to your bouquet, you can include something like a stylish flower pick with a butterfly or the words “Thank You”. Make sure that the message you wish to convey is clearly presented when the flowers are delivered.

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