It’s Time To Plant To Add A Bit Of Color To Our Lives

Easy cultivated chrysanthemum

Perk up the fall garden with Chrysanthemums in lavender, white, cream, burgundy, yellow and bronze. Mums are available in a multitude of varieties. We have button mums, daisy mums and mums with flowers like rounded globes as well as mums with flat flowers, fringed flowers and quill and spoon shaped flowers. Chrysanthemum is the most easy to grow plants  many  flowers  class that you can plant them in the ground or cluster them in pots. Do you have a French garden or some container to grow a year are all in the growth of plants that looks like it needs a little more color? Revitalize it by removing a few of the spent annuals and adding some colorful mums.

Chrysanthemum can add more color for your garden

It’s almost pumpkin time. If you like to decorate with gourds, squash and pumpkins, think about adding mums in bronze, yellow, orange and burgundy colors to your displays. Add a few fall leaves and you’re set until Thanksgiving.

Rudbeckias can also be added a more surprising for the garden. Commonly referred to as Black Eyed Susan, Brown Eyed Susan, Irish Eyes or Prarie Sun, these plants are generally treated as annuals in Boulder. Occasionally the plants themselves will actually come back the next year, if the conditions are just right, they may also reseed themselves.

Rudbeckias can also be added a more surprising for the garden

We love rudbeckias in mixed flower arrangements. Their flowers are long lasting and make the perfect summer bouquet mixed with other garden annuals.

Winter pansies always gives people a happy mood

Winter pansies always gives people a happy mood. Plant them now and they’ll give you color this fall. The bloom will ease the atmosphere of the winter and spring flowers, they’ll be one of the first things up in a riot of color. Our Boulder winter was mild enough last year that the pansies we planted in front of the Sturtz and Copeland entrance last fall bloomed all winter long.

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