Winter blooming plants to spruce up your home

Plants that bloom in winter

When you look out the window during winter, you are bound to notice naked trees, perhaps a few evergreens here and there and, for the most part, everything seems dormant. Snow might coat the ground and it’s difficult to believe that anything could really thrive during this time of the year. There are, however, a number of very special plants that bloom during such cold conditions and they are excellent for keeping those winter blues at bay.

The leatherleaf mahonia is one example of a bright example of a winter flower plant. This plant, and some other similar varieties, will brighten up your garden even when nothing else seems to be thriving.

There are a number of types of Daphnes that also bloom in the middle of winter. There is something about the crisp, humid air that helps this plant show off its best side and it really is quite a remarkable floral show!

The Christmas Rose is another popular winter flower and, even after the festive season, this bloom will continue to bring you joy. Available in several colours including white, burgandy, and pink, this gorgeous flowering plant prefers shade and some indirect sunlight.

During the month of January, you can expect your winter Jasmine to bloom. These bright yellow blooms are just what everyone needs to boost their mood. Yellow is a warm colour which is why this is such a perfect bloom for winter.

The red river lily usually blooms during the autumn months. However, if you are enjoying a few milder days during the winter, you could see this plant in bloom again! The bright red colour is easy to spot so, as soon as it does bloom, you’ll definitely notice it.

Apart from these colourful options, you could always order fresh flowers from your favourite online florist when you need to brighten things up!

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